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Exciting things happening!

Just a little February update... I can't believe we are in February already! So much has been happening already for 2019.


Thanks so much to everyone who came along to Conceal/Reveal. It was great to have the exhibition up in a venue that has so much public access. It also introduced tapestry to a broad range of visitors too.

The works created for this exhibition were an expansion on the textile collage approach that I used for the Edinburgh exhibition. It’s still a 'working method in progress'. I’m figuring it all out but definitely liking how it is moving. It very much combines my two loves of collage and textiles.


Google Weaving Stop Time

This project which debuted at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial late last year is going on the road! It had a fantastic response in Turkey and from the Design Biennial too. I guess people still love seeing tactile and handmade works.

The exhibition will be at LUMA in France from 1 – 20 May 2019 before it goes on to Z33 House for Contemporary Art in Belgium from 30 June until 1 September 2019.

I’m sure all the participants in this project are excited that it will be shown in other countries as it has been such a global project.


I’m Sure You Will Tell Me How I Should Feel Today (Blue Monday) 2019

Woven tapestry

wool, linen, cotton and silk weft on cotton warp

121 cm x 123cm

New work

For those who follow me on Instagram, you would be aware of the latest tapestry woven in my new studio. While everyone was out having fun during the Australian Summer break, I had committed my time away from my day job to being in the studio (pretty much everyday!) weaving this latest work. It has been a while since I have woven something to this scale but I definitely enjoyed it.

A little bit about the work…

“This work continues my ongoing investigation of translating paper-based collage into woven tapestry. There is a disjunction between the two media; collage is fast and immediate, tapestry slow and technical. I have created a work methodology where a small paper-based collage is then enlarged via large scale copying and then translated into tapestry form. I work across the original image, photocopy and now, digital images – taking imperfections and elements from all into the final work.

The source of the collage fragments is often fashion magazines, combined with personal photos taken via iphone. We view an ongoing stream of images and information instructing us how we should live our life. From ‘curating’ in Pinterest, magazine articles instructing how to create your perfect room to apps to make our selfies look better – I’m curious how we show our real self in a time poor society. I enjoy the contradiction of translating a perfect airbrushed image into a more pixelated tapestry version. Transferring flat and smooth into textured cloth. These contradictions aim to question our sense of self as we navigate the modern world today.”


Art Residency

I am also super excited to announce that I have been accepted to complete a one month residency in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I will be heading over to research and work in a studio throughout October 2019. My particular focus will be around Bulgarian textile industries and Chiprovtsi kilim weaving. I have the opportunity to work with some traditional weavers there and it will be wonderful to see the differences and similarities to our work.


I have taken a short break from the loom after the marathon weaving stint recently. Mostly letting my body recover and begin working on some new ideas for this year. Hopefully this work will be getting a showing in a few places this year so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

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