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Curatorial Projects

Mardi Nowak has worked as a curator, gallery and collections manager for close to 20 years. 

As an artist, Mardi has been exhibiting widely since 1995 and infuses her 'artists eye' into her curatorial practice by highlighting genres and mediums that aren't often shown in a public gallery setting.
Mardi holds a Masters of Fine Art (Research) from Monash University where she was a seasonal lecturer in Tapestry. 

As an emerging artist, Mardi was mentored by a gallery director. Understanding the need for guidance and support for emerging talent in the arts industry, Mardi developed Art Nerds, a mentoring program for emerging artists and curators. Art Nerds creates an environment for experimentation and exploration and was nominated and shortlisted for a number of awards.

Mardi travels widely to source and work with various international artists. Combining local and international talent brings a variety of artworks to Town Hall Gallery, exposing visitors to the gallery to works they may not have seen before. Manipulate Construct (2008) and Fixation (2014), both held at Town Hall Gallery, exemplify Mardi's curatorial and also promote Mardi's vision of the gallery as a tool for professional development and audience education.

Mardi focuses on developing long lasting relationships with exhibiting artists and other curators both here and overseas. Studio visits perform an important part of her curatorial process which give her exhibitions a unique voice. 

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