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Conceal / Reveal exhibition now open

My latest exhibition, Conceal / Reveal is now open at Fitzroy Library, Melbourne. Featuring 12 new textile and tapestry works, this is my first solo exhibition in Melbourne since 2013!

I was really drawn to use the space at Fitzroy Library which is overseen by the fabulous City of Yarra Arts Team for several reasons. Firstly the space is a high traffic, everyday space - meaning that people from all walks of life will have a chance to check out contemporary woven tapestry.

The space is also a series of 12 cabinets - all the same size - which really allowed me to play with some new works, be experimental and also be confined to a certain scale. The cabinets measure around 70 centimeters high by about 90 centimeters wide. The great thing about the cabinets is you can pin directly into the white felted backdrop. As soon as I knew this, I thought of creating a series of collaged textile works that were slightly experimental, based on the larger scale work that I had created for Return Flight in Edinburgh in 2017.

Some of the works use pure textile collage components, others are a combination of woven tapestry and collage. I have also made work using the Rya weaving technique (the shaggy wool parts!) after creating work for the Istanbul Design Biennial. Conceal / Reveal showcases experiments that have come out of the sketchbook, onto the loom and now are in the cabinets! I imagine that some of these works will continue onto something larger in scale... you'll just have to wait and see.

Conceal / Reveal is open during opening hours of the library. You can check it out 7 days a week until 1 February, 2019. Visit my exhibition page to see some of the works and to find out more.

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